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COMPOT Composting Bin

This small compost bin called a Compot is the ideal solution for anyone with a small garden or who generates only a small amount of kitchen waste.
No more smelly council bins and no more freezing food before rubbish day.
‘ALL’ your kitchen waste can be put inside the Compot.

In fact, anything biodegradable can be put inside your Compot.
Instead of a large compost bin taking up valuable space in your garden you can install a small compost bin that will cater to all your needs.
Plus it is invisible in your garden.
Mr Fothergills Microgreens Growing Tray

Mr Fothergill’s Microgreens Growing Tray makes it easy and accessible for all home chefs and gardeners to have a steady supply of Microgreens at their fingertips. No soil required - just spray the seeds with water until roots develop, then keep water reservoir topped up with fresh water until harvest a couple of weeks later!

Measures 27 x 15cm

Comes with 2 packs of vegetable seeds (5g)

Sprouter - Kitchen Seed Sprouter

Mr Fothergill’s Kitchen Seed Sprouter makes growing sprouts very easy! All you need to add is water and seeds.

This high-quality multi-tiered seed sprouter has been designed to create the perfect growing conditions and provide a continuous supply of fresh and tasty sprouts. Perfect in the kitchen, it takes up minimal space and the clever design gives fingertip convenience all year round. Sprout seeds sold separately.

Dimensions: 21cm high x 15.5cm wide x 15.5cm deep

Comes with 4 packs of vegetable seeds (5g)

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